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SARSIL® bruk

SARSIL® bruk
Silicone preparation for water repellent treatment of paving blocks 


SARSIL® BRUK is solvent solution of silicone compounds



Appearance:        colourless or straw-coloured liquid

Dilution:              ready for direct application

Density at 20ºC:  ca. 0.85 g/ml

Viscosity at 20ºC:  according to Ford cup no 4: ca.11s



SARSIL® bruk is a modern silicone preparation designed for impregnation of paving block surfaces (can be used as for new as for old paving block) around the houses, in places such as: petrol stations, shops, parking areas, footways etc. where aesthetic and polished appearance is advisable. This silicone agent applied to the surface of the paving block impregnates deeply and uniformly the brick’s structure and creates a durable and stable protection. Product intensifies the color of paving block maintaining natural structure of material. Sarsil® bruk strengthens and protects the paving block against water absorption, extend its lasting, improves frost-resistance, eliminates sand losses from joints and simplify removal of different kind of contamination from the surface. The impregnated paving block maintains durability end aesthetical fresh appearance.



Preparation of the substrate surface:

The surfaces intended for impregnation must be thoroughly cleaned from dirt, salt and other kind of contamination by flushing with water. Hardly removable dirt should be removed with the use of Sarsil® czyścik- bruk agent. The agent should be diluted with water in the proportion described on its label. SARSIL® bruk should be applied on the surface in dry, rainless weather, within the temperatures range of +5 to +30⁰C. The surface treated with the preparation acquires complete hydrophobic properties after approximately 24 hours. During this curing time the substrate should be protected against rain and soiling. Prior to impregnation of stones make test area first. The newly laid paving block can be impregnated not earlier than 1 month after finishing construction work.



Impregnation can be carried out with the use of a brush, a paint roller or by spraying. The impregnation is recommended to be carried out twice in short time intervals by “wet on wet” method. Depending on ambient temperature, the second layer of the impregnate should be applied not later than 30 minutes after application of the first layer i.e. as long as the surface covered with the impregnate is wet. The surface should be impregnated accurately and uniformly.


Efficiency: 1.5-3 m2 from 1 kg of product when impregnated twice. The consumption of the agent depends on the absorbability of the paving block and the application method. method.


Attention: During all works with SARSIL® bruk goggles, gloves and protective clothes should be worn. When using the spray method, respirators must be used. Precautions should be taken as in case of work with flammable solvents. The general safety and health regulations as well as the recommendations provided on the label should be followed.

Storage: Store in cool rooms in compliance with the regulations for storing flammable materials.

 Warranty period: 24 months from the production date

 Containers: 200, 60, 5, 1 L


Technical Approvals and Certificates:

Hygienic Certificate PZH

Technical Approval ITB (Building Technology Institute) No A15/4013/2012 

SARSIL® bruk :


·         impregnates the surfaces perfectly and makes them hydrophobic

·          penetrates into the substrate creating a protective layer resistant to weather conditions, UV irradiation and many other chemical factors,

·         protects against formation of diesel oil stains, edible fat stains and grease stains,

·          maintains the “breathing” properties of the material

·         reduces soiling and facilitates self-cleaning of the paving block during rainfall,

·           improves frost-resistance,

·         refines surface and improves colour,

·          protects against algae and fungi growth,

·          reduces salt efflorescence and prevents its formation.


Data contained in this material is based on our own experiment, specialist literature and research of industry institutes. The company assumes no responsibility for the results achieved during the use of the above-mentioned products as the application conditions are beyond its control.