SARSIL® ME-25 is silicone water emulsion with small solvent content.

SarSiL® ME-25 is used as an additive in production of different kind of facade plasters, as a binder in paints and as an agent for the hydrophobization of the surface of porous building materials, such as cement-lime plaster and acrylic plasters, (insulation systems), concrete, gypsum blocks, tiles and silicate brick SarSiL® ME-25 provides durable protection of surfaces against humidity and protects coloured facade coatings against colour fading. a trial application should be carried out prior to to assess the nal effect of impregnation.The product does not cause brightening or change the structure of impregnated case of low-absorbed substrate do not let unabsorbed material stay on the surface. after 15 min. from the impregnation the excess material must be removed from the surface.