Reach and Safety

REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction for Chemicals) that is the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restrictions in regards to chemicals of 18 December 2006 is one of the most important legal acts in European Union regulating the production and placing on the market of substances and chemical mixtures.


Provisions of REACH regulation cover all chemicals except for chemicals such as pesticides, biocides products, medicines, cosmetics and food and feed additives, which are regulated by other community rules. Not subjected to registration are polymers, substances derived from nature, unless they are dangerous and chemically modified.


REACH regulation applies to:

– manufacturers and importers of chemical substances or chemical mixtures, established in EU;

– downstream users processing the chemical substances, producing preparations (mixtures) for end-use or using produced products in the course of the business;

– distributors of substances and chemical preparations.


Within the meaning of REACH Regulation, Chemical Plant „Silikony Polskie”  Ltd is a manufacturer and downstream user of substances and chemical mixtures. The company has pre-registered all manufactured substances which were required by regulations; moreover, the company is a manufacturer of silicone polymers that are excluded from the registration process.


Chemical Plant „Silikony Polskie”  Ltd. on a regular basis conducts works ensuring that all obligations related to the abovementioned roles are done on time and with due diligence.




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