Chemical Plant “Silikony Polskie” Ltd. with its registered office in Nowa Sarzyna  for 55 years specializing in the design, production and sale of silicone (chemistry silicone) used in the industry: construction, foundry, plastics processing and rubber, as well as in the paint industry, electrical, automotive, cosmetics and many others .

Our product range include:

• silicone paints  SARSIL ® EKO, SARSIL ® BS

•water-repellent  and consolidating  agents SARSIL ®, AHYDROSIL® to strengthen, drying and hydrophobic protection of building materials

• varnishes, adhesives and silicone binders SILAK®, SARSIL ®

• methylsilicones fluids, emulsions, pastes POLSIL® OM POLSIL® E, SILPASTA®, POLSILFORM®

• RTV-2 silicone rubbers  POLASTOSIL®, GUMOSIL®

• methylvinylsilicone polymers POLYMER MV

• masterbatch and silicone compounds POLSIL® GUM for processing silicone rubber

and other products for specialized applications.

The Company operates in accordance with the current ISO 9001:2015 international quality standard. ISO system guarantees not only high quality products but also complete stability of customer service and other activities connected with company operations.

In 2006 the Company received the Integrated Environmental Permit. This document is necessary to conduct business activities in the European Union after 2006.

We invite you to cooperation.