Silicone water repellents for construction

Most building materials are endangered by destructive action of such environmental factors as water penetration, erosion caused by gas particles, impact of microorganisms and accidental defects of materials. A wide range of products offered by „Silikony Polskie” is designed for impregnating various materials used in building industry, i.e. concrete, burnt brick and clinker brick, roofing-tiles, sandstone, limestone, paving blocks, gypsum, etc.


For many years, the silicoorganic agents, commonly known under SARSIL® and AHYDROSIL® trade names, offered as solvent solutions and water emulsions, have been most frequently used for protecting against impact of water and environmental factors. Prior to their impregnation, strongly soiled building facades are recommended to be cleaned with the use of Sarsil® Czyścik chemical agent.


The impregnating agents perfectly protect new building facades as well as strengthen the old and worn out facades. That is why have won approval of building restorers and have been successfully used for renovation of historic buildings, including sacred buildings. Due to their quality that has been confirmed in numerous tests, including the tests performed by the Road and Bridge Research Institute and the Air Force Institute of Technology, our products can be used in road building industry for anti-corrosion protection of concrete bridge structures as well as for protecting concrete road and apron surfaces.